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Why to choose AGRIDEA software ?

A range of tools specially developed for the requirements of Swiss agriculture

AGRIDEA offers a broad range of software packages adapted to the needs of all Swiss agricul-tural sectors and of all operating systems. AGRIDEA’s experience in the field of agricultural IT comes from a long-standing partnership with all the stakeholders in Swiss agriculture (farmers, federal and cantonal administrations, control and agricultural consulting bodies, scientific institu-tions, etc.).

Whether you are a farmer or a professional in agricultural consulting, the software developed by AGRIDEA is designed to meet your expectations.

Guarantee of the quality of service, ergonomics and precision

Thanks to the technical expertise of its staff, but also to the attentiveness of its partners, AGRIDEA offers products that are constantly adapted to the needs on the ground, respecting the latest scientific and regulatory developments. The quality and professionalism applied in the design of AGRIDEA software packages make them pedagogical tools that are highly appreciated by agricultural teaching establishments. AGRIDEA ensures personalised monitoring of its software on the sites of Lausanne and Lindau.

  • Contact Lausanne : T +41 (0)21 619 44 86 or per e-mail
  • Contact Lindau : T +41 (0)52 354 97 79 or per e-mail

Fields of expertise

  • Farming, Family, Diversification : agricultural accounting and management, global technical monitoring of the farming operation, respect of the regulations and support for diversification.
  • Plant production: arboriculture, wine growing and field crops.
  • Animal production: feeding animals and calculation of production costs.
  • Environment, Landscape: evaluate the profitability of services for managing natural environments.